Teresa A. Grettano, Ph.D.



This award is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated noteworthy academic leadership in promoting and strengthening cross-disciplinary or interdepartmental teaching and learning endeavors.  The award honors a faculty member who has developed creative/innovative interdisciplinary or integrative pedagogies as a means of connecting and enhancing the learning experiences of students.  The successful applicatn will be a scholar who systematically works across disciplines and departmental boundaries to enable students to confront real world challenges and experience the relatedness of knowledge.  Dr. Teresa Grettano is this years awardee.

Dr. Grettano joined the Department of English and Theare in 2009 after her doctoral studies at Illinois State University.  She is currenly an Associate Professor and Director of the First-Year Writing Program.  In all of her courses, Dr. Grettano incorporates texts, concepts, and lines of inquiry from multiple disciplines.  She has co-taught coursses - ranging from Rhetoric and Social Media to the European Union - with colleagues from Political Science, the Library, and Theology.  She has also worked with students on independent studies ranging from Scientific Journalism to Rhetoric Addiction.  In addition, Dr. Grettano has had a signfiicant impact on the University's curriculum through her collaborative work in the First-Year Writing Program and on eloquentia  perfecta.

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