Electric City Excursion

Electric City Trolley Excursion

 Trolley  You are invited to join us at The University of Scranton at 4:00PM for a short bus ride to the Electric City Trolley Museum for a scenic ride on a Vintage Trolley and a Tour of the Trolley Museum.  From there we will move to the Historic Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel for drinks and Dinner.

 Electric City Trolley Ride & Trolley Museum

“All aboard” for a scenic ride on a Vintage Electric City Trolley Car.  You will board Car No. 76 and enjoy a route which follows a portion of the former Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley (Laurel Line) Railroad right-of-way as it parallels Roaring Brook proceeds past the Historic Iron Furnaces and continues through the Crown Avenue Tunnel – at 4747 feet long, one of the longest interurban tunnels ever built.  You will make a stop at the Welcome Center at PNC Field where you will be given a tour of the Restoration Shop.  You will then return to the Trolley terminal for a guided tour of the Trolley Museum.

After the Trolley ride you are welcomed to take a tour of the Electric City Trolley Museum.  The Electric City Trolley Museum is a collaborative effort involving many partners. Together they have created a premier electric railway museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  In 1887, Scranton was Pennsylvania’s first city with a successful pioneer trolley line and became known as “The Electric City.” The museum collection provides a highly representative picture of the electric railway history of eastern Pennsylvania, from the Philadelphia region to Northeast Pennsylvania.   After the tour, we will board the bus for a short ride to the Historic Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel where we will complete the evening with Cocktails and Dinner. 

 Dinner at the Historic Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel

Radisson  A six-story, historic landmark that once served as a passenger train station, the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel Scranton maintains the original glory of this edifice while offering an elegant, timeless appeal. Considered one of the most beautiful terminals in the Eastern U.S., this neoclassical structure is listed with the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and has proudly received the 2011 Renovation Excellence Award.

 After dinner you can return to campus using the walking bridge which connects the Radisson to the campus or you may want to stroll around the city and check out some of our galleries, bars and shops.   We will also provide shuttle service from the Radisson back to campus.