Assessment Advisory Committee

Charge and Membership

The Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Director of the Office of Educational Assessment (OEA). The AAC serves to develop and enrich effective assessment of the student learning experience at the University of Scranton. The committee collaborates with the Director, OEA and others to ensure ongoing processes for effective assessment, including development, implementation, and maintenance of the University’s Institutional Student Learning Assessment Plan. The committee reviews and recommends a variety of assessment support resources, including those for faculty development. The committee is chaired by the Director of the OEA, who serves as a non-voting member. Staff members are appointed based on their job positions; faculty members are elected by the Faculty Senate.

2018-2019 AAC Membership:
Chair: Dr. Mary Jane K. DiMattio, Director, OEA
Dr. Harry Dammer, Associate Dean, CAS
Dr. Marian Farrell, Faculty Representative, PCPS/CTLE
Prof. Tara Fay, Faculty Fellow CAS
Ms. Julie Ferguson, Registrar
Dr. Vanessa Ferrance, Faculty Fellow, PCPS
Dr. Satyajit Ghosh, Faculty Fellow, KSOM
Mr. Eugeniu Grigorescu, Director of the CTLE
Dr. Jeffery Kegolis, Director of Student Conduct and Assessment, Student Formation and Campus Life
Ms. Lisa LoBasso, Director of Online and Off Campus Programs
Dr. Robyn Lawrence, Faculty Representative, KSOM
Dr. Patrick Orr, Faculty Representative, CAS
Dr. Adam Pratt, Faculty Fellow, CAS
Dr. David Salerno, Associate Dean, KSOM
Dr. Jennifer Schwartz, Faculty Representative, PCPS
Mr. Raymond Schwenk, Assistant Dean, PCPS
Dr. Stacy Smulowitz, Faculty Representative, CAS
Ms. Madelyne Sunday, Student Government Representative
Prof. Nicholas Truncale, Interim GE Assessment Coordinator and Faculty Fellow, CAS
Mr. Richard Walsh, Assistant Provost for Operations and Data Analytics Officer
Professor Donna Witek, Library Representative

Faculty Senate representatives to the AAC:
CAS: Dr. Stacy Smulowitz, Dr. Patrick Orr
PCPS: Dr. Marian Farrell, Dr. Jennifer Schwartz
KSOM: Dr. Robyn Lawrence
Library: Prof. Donna Witek

Recorder: Ms. Linda Scherer, Administrative Assistant for Institutional Effectiveness