Robert J. Spinelli, MBA, MHA, DBA


Dr. Robert J. Spinelli is presently an assistant professor in the Department of Health Administration and Human Resources at The University of Scranton. Dr. Spinelli currently serves as Director of the Undergraduate Program in Health Administration and teaches courses in Health Care Finance, Administration, Leadership, Planning, Marketing, and other Health Administration concentrations. He has been employed in the health care field all of his professional career and spent 26 years as a Hospital/Health Care System CEO. Dr. Spinelli's background and research interests are in the areas of Leadership and Finance and understanding how our nation should pay for the unique and innovative resources of the US Health Care System.

Dr. Spinelli received an DBA from Nova Southeastern University and an MPH from Columbia University. He also holds an MBA from The University of Scranton and a Bachelors degree in accounting from Temple University.

Dr. Spinelli is active in the community and enjoys spending his spare time participating in youth sports activities with his children. 

Professional Memberships

  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • American Hospital Association
  • Hospital Association of Pennsylvania
  • American Association of University Programs in Health Administration
  • Health Care Management Forum 

Current Research

  • Co Author of Long Term Care Text. Currently writing the chapters that will deal with the Financing of Long Term Care, Future of Long Term Care Financing, Quality of Care and Discussion of Long Term Care Options for the Baby Boomer Generation
  • Preparing an article with Joseph Lyons, Sc.D., Eddie Day Pashinski, Member 121st District Pennsylvania House of Representatives & Hunter Greene, a MHA graduate student. The Article is to be titled "Covering the Uninsured: Who Benefits Who Pays." Submitted to Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, Duke University Press, June 09.
  • Preparing an article with a student and another faculty member titled "Health Administration Education: How Effective IS It?." This article was submitted to the Journal of Health Administration, September 09
  • Preparing an article that will detail a new payment methodology for acute care in the years 2010 and beyond. The premise of this research is to create a one-payer system of health care and detail where the money will come from to pay for it. 
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