Information for Education Majors

During many semesters in the education program, students gain valuable knowledge and experience by working with cooperating teachers in local schools. This page contains resources and information that will help you throughout the process of completing your field requirements.


Clearances remain valid for one year from the date on the document. In the right column, you'll find links for the five documents that are required before you can go into any school.

For more detailed information, visit Clearances for Education Majors.


Stage 3 Observations

1. Use the field calendar to sign up for a day and time to be observed. It's a good idea to sign up for more than one day and time in case of scheduling conflicts.

2. Email a copy of your lesson plan to at least 24 hours before your scheduled observation or pre-observation meeting. Don't forget to copy your professor on the email. Also, please have a hard copy of your lesson plan available in the classroom.

3. After your lesson is complete, your observer will meet with you about it. You will receive a copy of the observation report on TaskStream.

Classroom Hours Log

You must complete a Classroom Hours Log after each visit to your placement. It keeps track of your total hours so that your professor can check your progress at any time. Please keep your hours updated!

Sign Off Form

To sign off on your field hours, visit the TaskStream page

The student teaching experience is the culmination of an pre-service teacher's field work in local schools. It lasts a full semester, where the pre-service teacher is in the classroom for 12 weeks. It is important for pre-service teachers to familiarize themselves with the Student Teaching Handbook.

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