Resources for Faculty

This is a new presentation of resources for faculty. Please send your suggestions and comments to Raymond Schwenk ( in the Dean's Office.

Faculty Development

Faculty Development (Provost's Office): Information and Forms

Tenured and Tenure Track Released Time Policy and Request Form: 2013/2014 Released Time Application

Faculty Travel: Information and Forms

Faculty Evaluation: Information and Forms

Part Time FacultyPart Time Faculty Guide

Contract/Handbooks: Faculty Contract, Faculty Handbook, Academic Policy Handbook

Funding/Grant Opportunities 


Office of Research and Sponsored Programs: Faculty Grant Recognition Program: Questions? 570-941-6353

Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment: Faculty Research Program

In addition to the funding opportunities listed within the Faculty Development "Funding" information, the Panuska College of Professional Studies, through the Edward R. Leahy Jr. Endowment, provides funding for projects related to disabilities research.

Circle of Scholars

In 2007, Dean Pellegrino’s goal was to strengthen the PCPS mission including faculty development in the Advancement of Health Sciences and Education. The Circle of Scholars’ program was established on Friday November 7, 2007 to give the faculty the opportunity to share and collaborate on projects within the college. The outcomes were successful and some faculty were able to gain grants, receive support for research and publish papers. To continue with Dean Pellegrino’s guidance, Dr. Haboubi would like to expand on grant seeking opportunities for your own research agenda, plus he is interested in collaboration on clinical research projects for our college.  Our college has many examples of interdisciplinary research.  Many of our faculty are noted in their fields; Dr.  Hakim’s expertise in neuromuscular research, Dr. Cote with her eye tracking research, Dr. Wright with hospice care, Dr. Bauman with special education research, Dr. Bruch with rehabilitation counseling, Dr. West with his HPTEG grants,  and Dr. Dietrich with exercise physiology to name just a few experts in their field.  I am hopeful that with collaboration PCPS will be able to attract the U.S. Department of Defense to evaluate PCPS faculty and support their research in all aspects of the Veterans’ life.

Don't be a "Square" -- Join the Circle of Scholars.  Are your friends and family tiring of your thoughts? The Scholars would love to hear  them, so come join them as they toss around their research ideas, proposals, and anything else of a scholarly nature. Scheduled meetings are held in the Reading Room, McGurrin Hall, at noon.  A light lunch will be served. 

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Last updated: September 27, 2011