The University of Scranton offers Administrative Certification programs in the following areas:

  • Principal K-12
  • District Superintendent
  • Assistant District Superintendent

A person prepared as a school administrator may be eligible for certification as a Principal K-12 provided that the applicant:

Has completed an approved program of graduate study preparing him/her to direct, operate, supervise, and administer the organizational and general educational activities of a school. (Preparation completed out-of-state must meet Pennsylvania standards for certification).

Is recommended for certification as a principal by the authorized certification officer of the institution where such education was obtained, or holds a comparable certificate from another state (for out-of-state graduates only).

Provides a chief school administrator's verification of the completion of three (3) years of relevant professional experience defined as "professional experience in an educational setting that is related to the instructional process."

Provides evidence of satisfactory achievement on assessments prescribed by the Department under Section 49.18(a).

Meet all other requirements provided by law

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will issue the appropriate Letter of Eligibility for consideration for appointment as a District Superintendent to an applicant who shall:

1. Either: a) Have completed a Pennsylvania approved graduate-level program of educational administrative study minimally approximating two full academic years for the preparation of chief school administrators; or b) have been prepared through an out-of-state graduate-level program equivalent to those approved in this Commonwealth.

2. Have received the recommendation of the preparing institution for certification as a chief school (district-level) administrator, or, if prepared through an out-of-state institution, holds a comparable certificate issued by another state for professional service in the public schools of that state.

3. Have provided evidence of six years of teaching or other professionally certificated service in the basic schools: three of the six years must have been in a supervisory or administrative capacity.