Message From the Dean

Article Image - Message From the Dean Debra Pellegrino, Ed.D.

Dear Friend:

Please know how grateful the faculty, staff, students and the dean of the Panuska College of Professional Studies are for your dedication and tireless efforts to seek the magis for PCPS. My imagination continues to soar after discussing faculty and student research and viewing unending service opportunities both internationally and domestic.  The Panuska College of Professional Studies is a special place.  As I watch the many clinics in the Leahy Community Health and Family Center unfold and now see hope in our own Autism Hub, I realize that it is all of YOU that truly make PCPS a wonderful college for our faculty, staff and especially our students.  We are blessed. Thank you for your unending support.

Even though Mary Oliver, one of my favorite poets, passed away on Jan. 17, 2019, her poetry still inspires me to seek God in all things (A.M.D.G.).


Debra Pellegrino, Dean of PCPS

I have refused to live
locked in the orderly house of
reasons and proofs;
The world I live in and believe in
is wider than that. And anyway.
what’s wrong with Maybe?

You wouldn't’t believe what once or
twice I have seen. I’ll just
tell you this:
only if there are angels in your head will you
ever, possibly, see one.