Occupational Therapy Purchases 3D Printer

Occupational Therapy graduate students (left to right): Caroline Donovan, Caitlin Brosnan, Colleen Faede, Carolyn Huff, Rachel Haber and Kathleen Liebsch.

The Department of Occupational Therapy with the support of the PCPS Dean’s office recently purchased and integrated a 3D printer into the curriculum. 3D printing is a new and upcoming technology that can be utilized in a variety of ways in occupational therapy. Both students and faculty will have access and capability to “print” orthoses, anatomical models and adaptive devices for educational use. A faculty mentored research group, guided by Dr. Marlene Morgan, assembled the 3D printer and is currently researching the benefits of 3D printing for creating upper extremity orthoses. The opportunity to integrate 3D printing into the OT curriculum will encourage the development of new knowledge, critical thinking skills and clinical reasoning for current and future students. This 3D printer demonstrates The University of Scranton Department of Occupational Therapy’s continued commitment to excellence and professional development.