Student FAQs

How do I request/schedule a tutor?

Follow this Tutor Request link for information on tutoring services and our Drop-In Tutoring hours.  You can always find the Tutor Request link on the OSSS 'card' at  

Where do I go for my tutoring session?

Most tutors meet their tutee in the OSSS to sign in, unless otherwise communicated.  Be sure to check your email for notices from your tutor.  The OSSS is located on the 5th floor of the LSC.

How do I schedule a session in the Writing Center?

You can visit the Writing Center page here for more information on the different types of sessions offered.  You can also go to the OSSS 'card' to find the Writing Center Scheduling link.  Check out our video for how to find the OSSS card and how to schedule a session.

What is an academic accommodations?

Academic accommodations support students with a diagnosed disability by removing barriers to allow equal access to the curriculum in the classroom.  For more information, click here.

How do I request an academic accommodation?

To request accommodations, go to the Accommodate link on the OSSS 'card' at  Once signed in,  use the left navigation bar to click Accommodation, then Accessibility Request, and complete the questionnaire and upload any supporting documentation.  We will reach out to you via email.  

What documentation do I need to request academic accommodations?

Please see the guidelines for required documentation here.

How do I request non-academic accommodations?

Students submit non-academic requests through the Accommodate system, found on the OSSS 'card' at  Theses requests are processes through the Office of Equity & Diversity and more information can be found here.

How do I submit a Test Room Booking to take my exam in the OSSS?

In Accommodate, on the left navigation bar, click Testing Room and complete a new request for the course. We ask that you create the booking at least 4 days prior to the exam (or enter ALL exams at the beginning of the semester!).  If you have any issues, please email  For PDF instructions, follow here.

What if I need to take my exam on a different time than my class time?

We always try to schedule exams at your class time. Sometimes class schedules are back-to-back and you will need to begin early, or take it later in the day or even take it on a different day altogether.  This requires you to email your professor for permission and copy or send us the approval along with the details of your exam (course name, number, professor, start time and length of exam).
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