Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

 Business analytics is one of the fastest growing areas in the industry as employers seek qualified employees capable of analyzing complex data to make informed decisions. The graduate certificate in business analytics, offered through our AACSB accredited and nationally ranked Kania School of Management, can be completed in as little as 6 months. Classes are offered on-campus or online in an asynchronous modality.

The curriculum is comprised of 4 courses (12-credits), 2 required (BUAN 571 and BUAN 572) and 2 electives. Students without business knowledge in statistics, management science, and information systems may need to take up to 3 credits of extra foundational courses (based on the student's prior academic preparation and work experience, some, or all these one-credit modules may be waived). 

Admission requirements include a 3.00 undergraduate GPA (on a 4.00 scale) from an accredited institution. GRE or GMA is not required.

 The listing of courses that comprise the program is listed below: 


Total Program Credits: 12 credits

Prerequisite Courses        

Students lacking appropriate undergraduate coursework or background in the areas of statistics, management science, or information management will be required to complete the corresponding 1-credit foundation modules: 

MBA 501A, MBA 501B, MBA 501C


Required Courses



BUAN 571

Introduction to Business Analytics


BUAN 572

Data Mining



BUAN 573

Business Analytics Using R


BUAN 574

Business Forecasting Models


BUAN 575

Business Simulation


BUAN 576

Business Database Management Systems


BUAN 577

Data Visualization


BUAN 588

Business Analytics Using Python


Total Program Credits

12 credits

 Use Your Certificate as a Steppingstone to a Master’s Degree

Upon completing the graduate certificate in business analytics, you can apply, and if accepted, use the 12 credits toward our MS degree in Business Analytics.