Internships for Academic Credit


Process for Seeking Academic Credit for Internships

Internships for credit are individualized, supervised experiences in a work or volunteer setting which the University judges to be worthy of academic credit. There should be sufficient academic rigor associated with the internship and the experience should give students the opportunity to reflect upon, analyze, and critique their experiences in a way that demonstrates knowledge of course contents and ideas and a sophisticated ability to apply perspectives of that specific field of study. The internship should help students gain new knowledge and apply classroom knowledge. In addition, the internship needs to be structured so that the student, faculty member, and on-site supervisor know exactly what is expected of each. The faculty sponsor and the department chairperson will determine the credit-worthiness of the internship based upon information provided to them by the student and employer.

Adapted from Registrar's Office document " Undergraduate Internships for Credit"

To apply for academic credit, the student must....

  • Have an internship offer and a job description from an employer.
  • Contact the Kania Advising Center to determine if the credits will fit into their curriculum.
  • Contact a faculty member from the appropriate Kania School academic department and ask if she or he will act as the internship sponsor.
  • Discuss the internship duties and learning objectives with the faculty sponsor and agree to complete specific academic assignments during the internship.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork available through the Kania Center for Practical Learning.
  • Maintain regular contact with the faculty sponsor.

 Note: Students will be charged the appropriate tuition fee based on the number of credits the internship is worth.  

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