A Student's Guide to LinkedIn

New to LinkedIn?  LinkedIn is a great resource for you to network, make connections, conduct industry or company research, and receive career guidance.  On this page you will find resources for how to get started on LinkedIn, as well as how to network and conduct company research.

Getting Started:

Having an updated, professional LinkedIn profile is a great way to build your professional brand online.  Having an online presence is now more important than ever as recruiters conduct an online search to learn more about their potential candidates.  When a recruiter Googles your name, guess what platform will come up first in the search engine?  Your LinkedIn profile!  You can therefore take ownership and manage your professional image.

To use LinkedIn effectively, you will want to create a complete profile and keep it up to date.  If filling out the various sections of a LinkedIn profile seems intimidating or time consuming, take time to work on one section each night or break up the work.  Your work on your profile will be worth it!

During the school year, the Center for Student Engagement hosts LinkedIn workshops.  Keep an eye on our evens calendar in RoyalSync for the next workshop date!

Below are LinkedIn articles and videos to help you get started:

The more people you connect with on LinkedIn, the more beneficial LinkedIn becomes.  Each connection is a person that could provide insight into an industry or company, give you career advice, or put you in touch with another connection at a company you're interested in.  You can view more profiles as you connect with more professionals on LinkedIn, and your searches will become more effective.

When you start out, connect with your peers, past and current coworkers and supervisors, professors, family members, and friends.  Continue to build your network as you meet new people who are in an industry you are interested in or search for Scranton alumni on LinkedIn and ask to connect with them.

LinkedIn Alumni Tool

One of the best resources for connecting with alumni is the new LinkedIn Alumni Tool.  This new feature pulls the profiles of all Scranton alumni on LinkedIn, over 20,000+, and sorts them in to categories through which you can quickly search.  You can sort the results by where they work, what they studied, where they live, and more.

You can access the Alumni Tool by going to "Network" and then "Find Alumni" when logged in to LinkedIn.  When you first go to the Alumni Tool, LinkedIn pulls up your school and your graduation years.  You can expand these years at the top of the page where it says "Attended."

You can toggle the bar graphs to narrow the search by where they live, work, do, what they studied, what their skilled at, and how you are connected. As you narrow the search, the list below displays the Scranton alumni that fit your search and you can view their profiles or Connect with them.  For tips on connecting with alums, see our page on how to reach out.

We recommend you take a look at this tool as it pulls an enormous group of alums!  LinkedIn has gotten very smart about what it can do for its members.  This is an impressive new feature!

Conduct Industry Research

You can also use LinkedIn to research companies that interest you as you explore career options.  When you search for a company in the main search bar, you may find the organization has a company page with information.  You can follow this company so updates on their activity shows up in your news feed.  You can also search for employees at the company to see what their career paths were and understand how they found their position.