Latest IT Applications in Business

Our curriculum is truly infused with the latest technology skills. Brennan Hall, home of The Kania School, is one of the most technologically-advanced business school buildings and supports the curriculum with the latest business applications available. The wireless environment of the University and the Kania Laptop program ensure 24/7 access to business applications and on line resources for all students.  As a member of the SAP University Alliance, our students also have the opportunity to work with the latest enterprise software such as the R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning corporate suite, which is used in many courses.  
One of our technological enhancements is the Irwin E. Alperin Financial Center through which business students at Scranton are getting hands-on experience with financial markets. The Center simulates a trading floor, complete with electronic ticker and news and data feeds.  Students can experience professional applications of the stock and other financial markets through market simulations.