Department of Economics and Finance

The Economics and Finance Department at the University of Scranton has a long standing tradition of excellence in teaching and scholarship.

Our students develop analytical and critical thinking skills and learn the cutting edge tools in economics and finance that are critical for success in the ever changing world of economics and finance. Students have the opportunity to interact with the leaders of the Wall Street in a classroom setting. Through the Henry George Lecture Program they also meet world’s most well-known economists. The department attracts some of the best students at the University. More students from the Economics and Finance Department have been awarded the prestigious McGowan Scholarship than all other business departments combined. The small class sizes provide an excellent opportunity for our students to forge a close relationship with our faculty. As a result, for our students learning becomes an active and a collaborative process. The department emphasizes the value of internships and many of our students successfully complete internships. Our graduates are among the most successful students in the job market.

Besides the majors in Economics and Finance, the department also offers a major in International Business Program under the interdisciplinary International Business Program.