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2015-2020: Engagement, Innovation, and Impact

The Kania School of Management has developed a strategic plan for 2015-2020 that encompasses the themes of engagement, innovation and impact. The document was developed over several months through consultation and conversations among faculty and staff, students and alumni, University administrators, and supporters from the broader business community.

View the Plan

You can read the new strategic plan here.

Message from the Dean

Kania School Dean Michael O. Mensah, Ph.D., says that the plan "builds on our successes with renewed emphasis on engaging our students with even richer experiential learning opportunities that will further enhance and integrate their learning, and sharply increase the number and quality of internships, co-ops, and career offers made to them. This emphasis on experiential learning also includes steps to boost student participation in study abroad programs."

"The plan will also keep us competitive by engaging and supporting our faculty and staff to continue innovating teaching, academic and co-curricular programs, scholarship, and service with a willingness to work across departments and with our colleagues in the other colleges. Our goal is to work with alumni and other supporters from the business world to create really distinctive and integrated learning experiences for our undergraduate, graduate and online students."

"Finally, for the first time, this plan will measure the impact of our teaching, scholarship, and service on the populations we purport to serve."