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Winter 2013-2014

Harold W. Baillie, Ph.D.

Colleagues and Friends,

This issue of Ignite focuses on the Kania School of Management at The University of Scranton. Jesuit schools have always been characterized by a curriculum of liberal arts coupled with service. Business schools were recent additions to Jesuit institutions, and they continue to struggle with a sense that they are in some way illiberal and not a proper addition to the traditional model. As the pages that follow indicate, that criticism does not apply to the activities of the faculty and alumni of the Kania School. Undergraduate students of course have a variety of general education requirements that introduce them to the wealth of disciplines and methodologies characteristic of the life of the mind. Our graduate MBA includes pervasive themes regarding social justice and sustainability that make the program an identifiable Jesuit program. In the development of the curriculum and in their coursework, our faculty understands that Smith’s invisible hand is not so invisible and certainly not neutral to those marginalized by history, circumstance, disability, or prejudice. They will tell you that while profit matters, the real opportunity in business is to make the world better. Students should be transformed by engaging the lived experience of others; theory needs to be made real by internships and global experience; and self-interest informed by the needs of the poor and marginalized, and modeled after the generosity and commitment of our alumni. The graduates of our business programs, from accounting to supply chain management, must be men and women for others as well as intelligent and shrewd members of the business community. Our alumni are the proof of this concept, and their continued loyalty to the University itself and the Kania School in particular ensures that the vision will prosper.

Harold W. Baillie, Ph.D.

Harold W. Baillie, Ph.D.

Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs