Curriculum and Instruction, MS

Earning a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction allows for instructional effectiveness through a thorough understanding of curriculum, but also for those wishing for a career advancement. This 36 credit program incorporates opportunities for discussions with peers, research, professional readings, and self-reflection.

Program Specific Admission Requirements

  • Copy of current teacher certification OR letter of confirmation for uncertified private or parochial teachers
  • 1-2 page resume
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The Curriculum and Instruction program is an on-line program and is available only to individuals who already hold a valid instructional certificate or hold a teaching or educational specialist position in a parochial or private school.

Applicants from parochial and private schools must submit a letter from a principal confirming their current position as a part of their application package. International students may be permitted to complete this program upon demonstrating evidence of an undergraduate degree from their respective countries and satisfaction of admission requirements from the Education Department.

The Master of Science degree requires a total of 36 credits of course work. Also, individuals pursuing a Master’s degree must pass either a comprehensive examination, if they entered the program before fall 2012 semester, or a Practicum if they enter the program for the fall 2012 semester or thereafter.

For additional information on the curriculum, please visit the Graduate Course Catalog.

    Curriculum & Instruction

    Make Your Mark on Today's Students

    Learn how curriculum impacts students of today

    Jesuit Education

    What does it mean to have a Jesuit education?

    Learn from Others Across the World

    Peers in your class will have a variety of different experiences and backgrounds.


    Transferable Knowledge photo

    Transferable Knowledge

    Find Out How You Can Use Your Degree in Other Areas

    Career Advancement photo

    Career Advancement

    Become a leader in your district.



    Higher Earning Potential, Advanced Leadership Skills, Personal Fulfillment

    Meet the Program Director

    Maria Oreshkina, Ph.D. photo

    Maria Oreshkina, Ph.D.

    Director of Graduate Programs Chairperson, Education Department


    M.S., Moscow State Pedagogical University Candidate of Pedagogical Science Ph.D., The University of Tennessee




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