Eloquentia Perfecta

 “Eloquentia Perfecta” is a Latin phrase that means, literally, to perfect one’s eloquence, or, more colloquially, to be able to communicate well.The University of Scranton wishes for all of its students to grow in their skills of communication, and supports a multi-faced program that aims at this end. The course and program goals of the First Year Seminar relate to this aim.

What is referred to in the General Education curriculum as “Level I EP” specifies that “the first-year student [will be presented] with opportunities to develop such abilities. Primary modes of demonstrating competence are public speaking, writing, and using digital technology.”

Among the objective listed for the “Level I EP” program, three apply particularly to the FYS.

  • Students will participate in activities that ignite their creativity, curiosity, inquisitiveness, open mindedness, and engagement in the world.

  • Students will demonstrate understanding of oral communication as a way to generate, develop, and disseminate thoughts and information in conversation, in discussion, and in the public sphere.

  • Students will compose written communication as a way to generate, develop, and disseminate thoughts and information.

In various ways the FYS encourages student to learn to creatively engage with the world, and to grow to speak and write better as they do so. The seminar setting with its accompanying reduction in student numbers (18 maximum) means that each student will need to learn to contribute to class discussions. She or he will also be encouraged in the discussion setting of the Seminar to explore new questions, especially those related to the meaning and significance of our shared human existence. Critical writing skills are emphasized, and instructors evaluate students’ writing frequently and carefully.  

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