Adam Pratt

PhD. Louisiana State University (2012)                

BA. Clemson University (2004)

I teach courses in nineteenth century United States history. In particular, I teach upper level courses on the Age of Andrew Jackson, Native American history, and the Civil War & Reconstruction. In addition to img_1117.jpgthese, I teach courses on historical methodology including the Craft of the Historian and Digital History. My current research project is an examination of the social and political world of the state of Georgia during the lead-up to Cherokee Removal. I recently signed a contract with the University of Georgia Press and submitted to them a manuscript entitled, The White Man's Chance: Politics and Violence in Jacksonian Georgia. My next project is an article-length examination of the U.S. militia laws from 1820-1848. In particular, I will examine how protest movements led to the alteration of state-level laws.

 I have delivered public lectures that coincide with my research interests. The following talk , given at the University of Scranton's Schemel Forum in October 2017 called "Andrew Jackson, the Constitution, and the Presidency," in which I compared the presidency of Andrew Jackson to the current administration and explored the implications of a president in the 21st century attempting to appropriate the legacy of one from the 19th century.