The Faculty Senate

The University of Scranton Faculty Senate is the elected representative body for the Full Time Faculty (the voting faculty) and oversees all aspects of Faculty Governance exclusive of wages and working conditions (which are the perview of the Faculty Union, FAC.)  There are five standing committees of the Faculty Senate. The Executive Committee, advises the President, assists in implementing Faculty Senate motions and deals with issues arrising between and requiring action before Faculty Senate Meetings. 

The Academic Policy Committee, The Academic Support Committee, The Curriculum Committee and the Shared Governance and Leadership Committee complete the standing committees.  There are two standing subcommittees of the Faculty Senate, the Technology Advisory Group (TAG) a semiautonomous subcommittee of the Academic Support Committee, and The Conference Committee on the Curriculum (CCC) a semiautonomous subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee.

Faculty Senate officers include The President, The Vice President (or President-Elect during the second term of a president), Secretary, and Coordinator of Elections.  The positions for officers (except for President and President Elect) are voted on by the Faculty Senate at their first meeting of the academic year.  President and President Elect are elected directly by the voting faculty.  Standing Committee chairmenships and membership are confirmed byt the senate, also at the first meeting of the academic year.

Faculty Senate meetings are always open to all members of the voting faculty, and open to all members of the University Community, unless an executive session of only the voting faculty is agreed to by the membership.