Faculty Senate Curriculum Bulletin Board 2002-2003 Academic Year

Date Posted


05/06/03 CPS 500 Global Health and Rehabilitation Issues New Course Proposal (Word Document)
CPS 500 Global Health and Rehabilitation Issues - Syllabus (Word Document)
CPS 500 Global Health and Rehabilitation Issues - Rationale (Word Document)
CPS 500 Global Health and Rehabilitation Issues - Appendix (Word Document)
05/05/03 Business Administration Major New Major Proposal (html Document)
04/14/03 EXSC 101 Introduction to Nutrition New Course Proposal (Word Document)
04/03/03 INTD 104 Men's Health New Course Proposal (Word Document)
03/17/03 Forensic Health Interdisciplinary Concentration Revised Curriculum Proposal (Word Document)
03/05/03 Structure of the MBA Program Revised Curriculum Structure Proposal (HTML Document)
03/05/03 MBA502c Business Law Module New Course Proposal (HTML Document)
02/27/03 Education Program Grids Revised Curriculum Proposal (Word Document)
02/14/03 Forensic Health Interdisciplinary Concentration New Curriculum Proposal (Word Document)
02/14/03 MKT/MGT 494 – Asian Markets in Transition New Course Proposal (HTML)
02/11/03 HIST 125 An Introduction to Colonial Latin American History and
HIST 126 An Introduction to Modern Latin American History
 New Course Descriptions (Word Document)
02/10/03 HAD 522 Health Care Operations/IT Management New Course Proposal (Word Document)
02/10/03 HAD 525 Health Care Ethics New Course Proposal (Word Document)
02/10/03 HAD 527 Managed Care New Course Proposal (Word Document)
02/10/03 HAD 581 Administrative Residency New Course Proposal (Word Document)
01/27/03 MBA Prerequisite Modules New Course Proposals (HTML)
01/27/03 T/RS 216 Judaism in Modern Times New Course Proposal (Word Document)
01/21/03 Math 493-494 Undergraduate Mathematics Research New Course Proposal (Word Document)
01/13/03 PS 240 Change in Title & Description (Word Document)
01/03/03 Catalog wording change for double major in Foreign Language (Word Document)
12/13/02 Proposed Changes in existing Graduate Health Administration (MHA) Program (Word Document)
12/13/02 Proposed Name Change to existing Human Services Program (Word Document)
12/02/02 OM543 Project Management New Course Proposal (html)
11/25/02 Proposed Changes in existing Education Department Programs (Word Document)
11/21/02 Proposed Changes in an Existing Academic Program: EXSC 220 Nutrition for the Health Professions(Word Document)
11/12/02 Request to Change Title on existing course: S/CJ 221 Probation and Parole (Word Document)
11/11/02 Request to change number, title and description of T/RS 328 Wealth and Poverty in the Biblical Tradition (Word Document)
11/11/02 Request to split existing PS 231 Environmental Policy Course into a two-semester Sequence Course of PS 230 and PS 231 (Word Document)
11/11/02 Request to Drop PS 231 Environmental Policy as listed in 2002-03 Catalog (Word Document)
11/11/02 Request Change of Catalog Description for PS 327 The US Congress (Word Document)
11/11/02 ENLT 224 Perspective in Literature about Illness New Course Proposal (Word Document)
11/06/02 HADM 330 Managed Care New Course Proposal (Word Document)
11/01/02 ECO 582 Economics of E-Commerce New Course Proposal (html)
11/01/02 ECO 583 Macroeconomic Analysis: A Global Perspective New Course Proposal (html)
11/01/02 ECO 589 Special Topics in Economics New Course Proposal (html)
09/11/02 HIST 226 Change Course Title Proposal (Word Document)
09/11/02 ARTH 316 New Course Proposal (Word Document)
06/18/02 ARTH 215 New Course Proposal (Word Document)
06/18/02 ARTH 210 to ARTH 311 Course Number Change Proposal (Word Document)