Faculty Senate Curriculum Bulletin Board 2001-2002 Academic Year

Date Posted


04/18/02 Proposed Master of Science in Occupational Therapy for Occupational Therapy Practitioners Who Hold a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (Word Document)
04/10/02 Course Proposal T/RS 584 Pastoral Theology (Word Document)
04/10/02 Course Proposal EXSC 229: Applied Anatomy and Kinesieology (Word Document)
04/10/02 Course Proposal EXSC 313: Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise (Word Document)
04/09/02 Course Status Change ST: 284 Poverty, Homelessness & Social Justice to HS 338: Poverty, Homelessness & Social Justice (Word Document)
04/09/02 Modification of Community Counseling (CC) Program to 60 Credits (Word Document)
04/09/02 Collaborative Master's Degree in Community Counseling - Curriculum Proposal (Word Document)
04/08/02 Proposed Structure of the MBA Curriculum (Word Document)
03/25/02 MIT 490 Information Technology Projects - Course Revision (Word Document)
03/20/02 Changes to the Administration Program - Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) principal K-12 certificate (Word Document)
03/08/02 PHIL 222 - Modern Philosophy I - Change in Course Description (Word Document)
02/26/02 Anatomy for OT Syllabus Proposal - Change course from Department of Physical Therapy PT256 to Department of Occupational Therapy (Word Document)
02/25/02 New Course: OM 540 - Supply Chain Management
02/19/02 Revision of the Health Science Degree - to clarify requirements for degree (Word Document)
02/19/02 Interdisciplinary Concentration in Pastoral Studies - Cirriculum Proposal (Word Document)
02/08/02 New Course: White Water Rafting
02/08/02 New Course: Life Guard Training Recertification Syllabus (Word Document)
02/08/02 New PHED Course: 1st Aid / CPR / AED Recertification Syllabus (Word Document)
02/08/02 Upgraded course proposal - PHED 112 FIRST AID/CPR/AED American Red Cross Certifications
01/29/02 Master of Science in Special Education
12/19/01 COMM 215 Introduction to Communication Theory - Proposed New Course (Word Document)
12/19/01 COMM 226, 227, 327 - Title Changes (Word Document)
12/19/01 COMM 318 Multimedia Presentations - Description Change (Word Document)
12/17/01 Revised Communication Major Requirements (Word Document)
12/17/01 COMM 316 Communication Ethics - Change from COMM 220 Responsibility in Communication (Word Document)
12/17/01 COMM 415 Senior Seminar - (Word Document)
12/10/01 HIST 491 (W) Seminar in American History Catalog Text Change (Word Document)
12/03/01 MATH 102 - Fundamentals of Numerical Mathematics (Adobe PDF)
12/03/01 MATH 105 - Fundamentals of Geometric Mathematics (Adobe PDF)
12/03/01 PT 344 - Clinical Anatomy Review (Word Document)
12/03/01 Master of Science in Special Education
11/05/01 Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT) Proposal
11/02/01 Changes in the ECE and Elementary Education Programs (Word Document)
11/02/01 CMPS Course Revisions (Word Document)
11/02/01 MIT 481 Internship in Information Technology Proposal (Word Document)
11/02/01 CMPS 358 Real-Time Systems (Word Document)