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Please make use of any or all of the following copy when recommending the Writing Center at the CTLE in your course syllabi.

The Writing Center

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
St. Thomas Hall, Harper-McGinnis Wing, Room 588D, (941 – 6147)

An invaluable resource, the Writing Center welcomes student writers engaged in the writing process. Trained writing consultants from various academic disciplines work one-on-one with student writers on all aspects of writing including:

  • brainstorming
  • planning and drafting
  • organizing ideas
  • developing support
  • revising for clarity and coherence
  • editing for correctness
  • working with and integrating sources
  • documenting sources (MLA & APA)
  • and much more

Writing consultants encourage students to develop confidence as independent thinkers and writers. For this reason, consultants WILL NOT plan, draft, revise, correct, or proofread papers. Instead, they WILL work with you as you learn to manage these important tasks.

To make your session/s more productive:

  • bring any assignment sheets, written instructions, or source materials
  • bring a typed draft of your paper if you have one
  • go to the Writing Center early in the writing process to allow time for revisions
  • visit the Writing Center often and regularly

I urge ALL of you to take advantage of the services the Writing Center has to offer. Meeting often and regularly with a writing consultant will help you become a better writer.

Drop by in person or call for an appointment.

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Last Modified: March 17, 2016