The Writing Center

The CTLE Writing Center

The CTLE Writing Center Mission Statement and Goals

The CTLE Writing Center encourages and supports a collaborative learning experience in which students can grow as writers. We believe that in order to become a successful writer, one must have strong roots. Therefore, our writing consultants will work with students in a peer-centered setting at all stages of a project, from invention to drafting to final revision. The Writing Center is dedicated to providing a safe place in which the diverse Scranton community can experiment with new ideas and engage in the freedom of inquiry. In order to foster this culture of creativity, curiosity, and inquisitiveness, The CTLE Writing Center strives to advance the conversation of writing on campus through events and student engagement.




  1. To provide a safe place in which students can experiment with their own writing
  • Consultants help students recognize their own writing processes by asking guided questions.
  • Consultants ask students to reflect on their past and current writing behaviors.
  • Consultants allow students the freedom to ask questions and brainstorm ideas.


  1. To support and encourage a collaborative space
  • Consultants engage students in discussion about their projects.
  • Consultants assist students in developing new strategies for their projects.


  1. To assist students in developing strategies for improved writing
  • Consultants discuss the writing process with students: Imagining, planning, drafting, and revising.
  • Consultants encourage students to strive for excellence through revision.
  • Consultants discuss and model specific techniques for revision.


  1. To become the hub for writing on campus
  • The Writing Center promotes the National Day on Writing.
  • The Writing Center promotes the practice of writing through student engagement.
  • The Writing Center collaborates with faculty and programs across campus to contribute to writing instruction and faculty and student development.


  1. To support the diverse student and faculty population with writing
  • Consultants provide support to our non-native English speaking students through individualized learning.
  • Consultants will pursue training and educational opportunities in order to develop understanding of various pedagogical and methodological approaches to teaching, tutoring, and writing.
Last Modified: March 17, 2016