Online Referral Form

The Writing Center provides a great tool for you to stay informed about the progress a student who visits the Writing Center is making on his or her writing assignments. The Writing Center Referral Form allows you to refer students to the Writing Center and automatically get feedback on the students’ consultations in the center.

When you refer a student to the Writing Center using the form, you receive an email confirmation; the student also receives an email regarding the referral and is encouraged to make an appointment at the Writing Center. When students make an appointment as a result of a referral, they are required to agree to allow the Writing Center to share the consultation information with you.

Each student appointment is recorded by the Writing Center consultant who meets with that student. The consultant creates a Writing Center Session detailed log of the student’s appointment and this information becomes available online for your review.

To get started using the referral form, please follow these steps:

  • Log into My.Scranton
  • Click the Faculty tab
  • Click Self Service (UIS)
  • Click the Faculty Services tab
  • Click CTLE Menu
  • Click Writing Center Referral Form
To submit a referral, choose the term and course in which the student is enrolled. Once you have done so, select the student from the drop-down menu. Next, complete the form by entering the assignment name, due date, and the specific topics to be addressed.

After the student’s appointment at the Writing Center, you can access the Writing Center Session information by returning to the Writing Center Referral Form in My.Scranton.

We encourage you to make full use of this process as it provides insight and feedback to you regarding your students' writing progress.


Last Modified: March 17, 2016