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Study Skills & Research Video Tutorials

The study skills tutorials provide information on strategies for dealing with the demands of college study. We hopes that these presentations will encourage you to visit us to learn more about individualizing and refining the learning strategies.

The research tutorials provide information on how to effectively use the Weinberg Memorial Library's resources. We encourage you to visit the library for individualized assistance.

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 Desire2Learn Tutorials

Desire2Learn is a web-based learning management system and collaboration system that helps educators manage course material and communicate quickly, easily, and effectively. Desire2Learn is designed to be used as a complement to traditional courses and for distance learning.

These tutorials will introduce you to the features of Desire2Learn

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Technology Tutorials 

The Technology Skills Tutorials have been developed to assist students and faculty in furthering their skills in technology related areas such as using Web Page Creation, Facebook, Desire2Learn Navigation, using iMovie/VideoPad to create a visual argument, and creating a blog. Enhancing your skills will assist you in completing assignments in many of your courses.

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Here are a few links from Microsoft's Support Website that will assist with using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

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Content Management Systems (CMS) Tutorials

This tutorial is designed to assist faculty members in creating a faculty web page in the Content Managament System (CMS).

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Last Modified: October 23, 2020