Rose Kelly Award Fall '07

College of Arts and Sciences
Presented by Dr. Joseph Dreisbach, Dean
Student: Douglas A. Jones
Teacher: Mr. Michael Milz, Holy Redeemer High School

Panuska College of Professional Studies
Presented by Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean
Student: Megan E. Conley
Teacher: Sr. Lucy Marie Schluth, Cardinal O’Hara High School

Kania School of Management
Presented by Dr. Kenneth Lord, Associate Dean
Student: Colleen L. Tuohy
Teacher: Ms. Rosemary Fuhrman, Immaculate Heart Academy

College of Graduate and Continuing Education
Presented by Dr. William Welsh, Dean
Student: Mary W. Purcell
Teacher: Mr. James Kilker, Scranton Preparatory High School
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