Frank O’Hara Award '13


College of Arts and Science
Presented by Dr. Brian Conniff, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Philip H. Gilmartin
Silver Medal:
Shayne D. Wierbowski
Christophe Ritter


Panuska College of Professional Studies
Presented by Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Laura E. Power
Silver Medal:
Courtney A. Ruch
Dana E. Raciti


Kania School of Management
Presented by Dr. Murli Rajan, Associate Dean

Bronze Medal:
Brittany A. Moyer
Silver Medal:
Stephanie A. Romano
John M. Breiner


College of Graduate and Continuing Education
Presented by Ms. Meg Cullen Brown and Dr. Lisa Lobasso, Associate Deans

Undergraduate students:
Silver Medal:
Heather Alber
Terry Macknosky

Graduate students:
Pewter Medal:
 David Hovey, Thomas Lystash, Megan Keeney, Jared Hill, Kristin Hextall, Amanda Jones, Cameron Afshari,  Jared Myers, Sarah  Goodwin, Shannon Spring, Sandra Voda

Last Modified: March 17, 2016