Frank O’Hara Award Fall '12

College of Arts and Sciences

Presented by Dr. Brian Conniff, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Elizabeth M. Joyce

Silver Medal:
Martha A. Triano
Olivia A. Haney

Panuska College of Professional Studies

Presented by Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Claire E. Murphy
Courtney A. Ruch
Silver Medal:
Dana E. Raciti
Lindsay M. Scheve
Sarah Lamothe
Michele A. Wall

Kania School of Management

Presented by Dr. Kenneth Lord, Associate Dean

Bronze Medal:
  Leo J. DeBarba
Silver Medal:
Anna J. Heckman
Laura A. Cicirelli

College of Graduate and Continuing Education

Presented by Dr. W. Jeffrey Welsh, Dean

Undergraduate students:

Silver Medal:
Heather Alber

Graduate students:

Pewter Medal:
Samer Bandak, Christopher Toomey, Kimberly Kowalik, Alycia Crilly, Nicole Giorgio, Alissa Valiante, Cristinel Miinea, Julianna Runyon, Kyle Randall, Daniel Jackowitz
Last Modified: March 17, 2016