Frank O’Hara Award Fall '11

College of Arts and Sciences

Presented by Dr. Brian Conniff, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Christian Burne

Silver Medal:
Andrew Lunney
Bradley Wierbowski

Panuska College of Professional Studies

Presented by Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Lindsay Scheve
Silver Medal:
Michelle Thomas
Safia Abulaila

Kania School of Management

Presented by Dr. Kenneth Lord, Associate Dean

Bronze Medal:
  Anna Heckman
Silver Medal:
Laura Cicirelli
Nicholas Caselli

College of Graduate and Continuing Education

Presented by Dr. W. Jeffrey Welsh, Dean

Undergraduate students:

Silver Medal:
Thomas Gonczi

Graduate students:

Pewter Medal:
Kyersten Rozanski, Lisa Schrader, Bryan Gent, Lisa Zacheiss, Jason Walsh, Jared Denisco, Noel McFadden, Elke Miller
Last Modified: March 17, 2016