Frank O’Hara Award Fall '07

College of Arts and Sciences

Presented by Dr. Joseph Dreisbach, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Douglas A. Jones
Silver Medal:
Coral Stredny
Christina M. Drogalis

Panuska College of Professional Studies

Presented by Dr. Debra Pellegrino, Dean

Bronze Medal:
Nicole M. Zullo
Silver Medal:
Lauren E. Godek
Brian J. Patchcoski

Kania School of Management

Presented by Dr. Kenneth Lord, Associate Dean

Bronze Medal:
William Pugh
Silver Medal:
Frank S. Phillips
Joseph P. O’Connell III

College of Graduate and Continuing Education

Presented by Dr. William Welsh, Dean

Undergraduate students:

Bronze Medal:
Mary Ann Wiggins
Silver Medal:
Alexandra G. Cronk
Judith A. Gunshannon

Graduate students:

Pewter Medal:
Anne M. Blaum, Emil C. Bontempo, Jill L. Compton, Sean R. Egan, Elizabeth J. McDonald, Andrea C. Stellatella, Jennifer M. Wagner
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