How to check students’ completion of Academic Integrity Tutorial

Each new undergraduate student has been asked to complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial before their arrival on campus. Graduate students take a different version of the tutorial before they matriculate. This is required even for those students who received their undergraduate degree from the University of Scranton. The tutorial focuses on the importance of academic integrity and provides philosophical dilemmas for students to consider. It will empower students to make well informed decisions about scholarly research and academic integrity.

To verify if your students have completed the tutorial, follow these steps to access the report via My.Scranton:

1. Navigate to: and log in using your username and password

2. Click the Faculty tab

3. Go to the Academic Links channel

4. Click Academic Integrity Tutorial Statistics

5. Choose a semester

You will see names and dates for students in your courses that have completed the Academic Integrity Tutorial, grouped by course. Students who have taken the tutorial multiple times will be listed multiple times. Please encourage any student who has not taken the tutorial to do so as soon as possible.

You can view the tutorial in guest mode at A web site on Academic Integrity is available at

Should you experience difficulties or require support with the Academic Integrity Tutorial, please contact Brian Snapp at the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence – or (570)  941-4040

Last Modified: July 19, 2018
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