TechCon Professional Development Projects

  • Fall 2014 - Spring 2015plus or minus

    Professional Development TIme was spend on our Learning Management System.
  • Fall 2013 - Spring 2014plus or minus

    Professional Development TIme was spend on our Learning Management System.
  • Fall 2012 - Spring 2013plus or minus

    Semester Kris Tomaine Fall 2012
    iBooks Author Charles Hudacek Fall 2012
    MS Windows Skydrive Josh Rogan Fall 2012
    iTunes U Zack Haupt Fall 2012
    NBC Learn Patrick McLaughlin Fall 2012
    MS Office 2013 Zachary Haupt Spring 2013
    Music Streaming Services Patrick McLaughlin Spring 2013
    iPad Apps – PenUltimate and Evernote Charles Hudacek Spring 2013

  • Fall 2011 - Spring 2012plus or minus

    Google Plus & Linked-in Kris Tomaine Fall 2011 Tues Sept 27, 2011
    Adobe Edge (like Flash but creates .html files) Charles Hudacek Fall 2011 Tues Oct 4, 2011
    Student Clicker/Response Systems Justin Kearns Fall 2011 Tues Nov 15, 2011
    Introduction to PHP Kris Tomaine Spring 2012 Thurs Mar 8, 2012
    E-textbooks Zachary Haupt Spring 2012 Tues Mar 27, 2012
    Screen Sharing Application Patrick McLaughlin Spring 2012 Tues Mar 27, 2012
    Respondus Quizmaker & Lock Down Browser Charles Hudacek Spring 2012 Tues Apr 10, 2012
    Windows 8 Josh Rogan Spring 2012 Tues Apr 24, 2012
    Evaluation of LMS - Canvas Justin Kearns Spring 2012, 2012

    Tues May 1

  • Fall 2010 - Spring 2011plus or minus

    Google App Inventor Sean Grieb Fall 2010 Tues Sept 28
    Diaspora (Open-Source Facebook) Derek Gelormini Fall 2010 Tues Nov 9
    Android App via Eclipse John Hogan Fall 2010 Tues Nov 9
    Augmented Reality: Smartphone QR code readers 
    and how they can be used on campus
    Justin Kearns Fall 2010 Tues Nov 16
    Location-Based Gaming, Live-stream recording Tom Swartz Fall 2010 Tues Nov 30
    LMS Evaluation: Canvas, Moodle and BB Sean Grieb Spring 2011 Tues Apr 26
    Evlaute Office 365 and Skydrive Justin Kearns Spring 2011 Tues Mar 8
    Comparison of MS Office & Open Source Office Jeff Nunes Spring 2011 Tues May 3
    Time Entry Modules Derek Gelormini Spring 2011
  • Fall 2009 - Spring 2010plus or minus

    Firebug & Web Developer Derek Gelormini Fall 2009
    Tweet Feeds - Tweeting from Phone/to Phone Justin Kearns Fall 2009
    Mobile Browsers (functionality, Java,CSS) & PDA in ANGEL Sean Grieb Fall 2009
    Google Aggregation: Advanced Google Voice & Gmail Jeff Nunes Fall 2009
    Google WAVE Derek Gelormini Spring 2010
    Educational Iphone Apps Jeff Nunes Spring 2010
    Adobe Flexbuilder and Tour de Flex Justin Kearns Spring 2010
    Camtasia Relay & App to get email on cell phone Sean Grieb Spring 2010
    Other Presentations:
    RSS Feeds Kristen Yarmey-Tyluki Fall 2009

  • Fall 2008 - Spring 2009plus or minus

    Demo WebCam for collab purposes (skype, Google Docs) Dan Debold Fall 2008
    Wimba-voice Derek Gelormini Fall 2008
    Google Web Toolkit Matt Phafl Fall 2008
    Portable Apps Dave Redding Fall 2008
    Digimemo & Sony Voice Recorder Jeff Nunes Fall 2008
    Google Analytics Dan Debold Spring 2009
    Free PDF Editors Derek Gelormini Spring 2009
    Pedagogical use of SmartBoards Sean Grieb Spring 2009
    ProjTrak Demo (project tracking program) Matt Phafl Spring 2009
    JAWS Screen Reader Dave Redding Spring 2009
    Kindle Jeff Nunes Spring 2009
    Other Presentations:
    Windows Vista OS Eugeniu Grigorescu Fall 2008

  • Fall 2007 - Spring 2008plus or minus

    ANGEL-Advanced Themes Matt Phafl Fall 2007
    Using Templates to build courses Dave Redding Fall 2007
    Incorporating RSS feeds thru the Course Syndication Folder Scott Yaninas Fall 2007
    Games (2 types each) & Automation Agent Derek Gelormini Fall 2007
    Podcasting thru the Course Syndication Folder Dan Debold Fall 2007
    In-depth features of PHOTOSHOP & ANGEL Fish Bowl & Hot Seat Derek Gelormini Spring 2008
    Youtube in the classroom Matt Phafl Spring 2008
    iTunes U - mobile learning & educ system Dan Debold Spring 2008
    Web 2.0 - Demo on Facebook & 2nd Life Dave Redding Spring 2008
    DB Project-CTLE Technical Project Tracking System Matt Phafl & Scott Yaninas Spring 2008
    Other Presentations:
    WEB 2.0 applications; or 2-way Content Bldg Software Rob Kennedy Fall 2007

  • Fall 2006 - Spring 2007plus or minus

    In-Design Matt Phafl Fall 2006
    Fireworks Sarah Johnson Fall 2006
    AJAX Joe Casabona Fall 2006
    Screen Readers-(Assistive Technology) Dave Redding Fall 2006

  • Fall 2005 - Spring 2006plus or minus

    Hot Potatoes Joe Casabona Fall 2005
    Q Cards Sarah Johnson Fall 2005
    Concept Mapping Software - SmartDraw Steve Cavazzini Fall 2005
    Adobe ENCORE (creating DVD's) Matt Phafl Fall 2005
    Game-Wheel of Fortune Steve Cavazzini Spring 2006
    Blogs as a tool for teaching (and RSS) Joe Casabona Spring 2006
    Kurzweil Software (Assistive Technology) Sarah Johnson Spring 2006
    Respondus Matt Phafl Spring 2006
    Other Presentations:
    Presentation Director by Serious Magic Rob Kennedy Spring 2006
    Camtasia - latest version for Streaming Audio/Video purposes Eugeniu Grigorescu Spring 2006

  • Fall 2004 - Spring 2005plus or minus

    Tegrity Joe Casabona Fall 2004
    Menu Maker Sarah Johnson Fall 2004
    PP Customization Steve Mekosh Fall 2004
    Cascading Style Sheets Steve Mekosh Fall 2004
    SureThing Software Steve Cavazzini Fall 2004
    Games Demo and Blackboard Test Ryan Spring 2005
    Adding Scr Shots and Voice Overlay Steve Mekosh Spring 2005
    ScreenCorder Software-for creating online tutorials Joe Casabona Spring 2005
    Other Presentations:
    Apreso Rob Kennedy Fall 2004
    Premiere Pro Rob Kennedy Spring 2005
    Swish Eugeniu Grigorescu Spring 2005

Last Modified: March 17, 2016