Dr. Mary Goldschmidt


Welcome Faculty! On the lefthand navigation bar under "Teaching Resources," you'll find a list of carefully selected webpages on a variety of teaching topics. Many of these will bring you to pages with additional links. I will be updating this on an ongoing basis, so if there's an area you'd like to see included, please let me know.

Below is a list of the services my office offers:

Consultations: I meet with faculty individually and confidentially to discuss any component of a course or offer whatever kinds of creative ideas and feedback someone may need. You may, for example, want:
  • a fresh pair of eyes on a syllabus or on a specific assignment;
  • options for in-class activities that actively engage students in problem solving or analysis;
  • ideas on how to promote deeper reading of course material;
  • concrete guidelines for offering targeted feedback on student papers and projects;
  • feedback on a classroom scenario or pattern of student behavior.

*For course design consultations, just some of the issues you may want to discuss include: articulating learning goals; linking course goals to the larger curriculum; the amount and sequencing of readings; appropriate assessment techniques (tests, written assignments, small group projects, etc.); grading methods and policies; formal design and layout options for the syllabus. 

Department, School, or Group Consultations/Workshops: Colleagues who teach different sections of a course may want to meet together to discuss new approaches or address common challenges; or departments may want a shared workshop experience to review effective ways to incorporate more informal and formal writing into their courses. 

“Thinking about Teaching” Blog: Over the course of each semester, I will be writing short, practical tips and ideas, often reflecting on a concept to expand its practical applications. Or I may synthesize research on best practices, based on the needs and requests I hear in my on-going meetings with faculty and departments.

“Talking about Teaching”: Throughout the fall semester, I will be inviting faculty to share an informal meal while we also share pedagogical practices that we’ve found to be particularly successful.

Workshops: starting in September, the CTLE will be offering a number of events in the Faculty Advancement Series in celebration of the Center’s 10th Anniversary.  Stay tuned for details!

Future Initiatives: as I meet with faculty throughout the fall semester, I will be listening to areas of interest and potential projects for collaboration. Such initiatives might include, for example, summer institutes, small working groups, learning communities, and “Small Group Instructional Diagnosis” (a student-centered way to get feedback on your course). I welcome your input and encourage you to call or email me with ideas!

CTLE Technology Consultations

Associate Director/Instructional Curriculum Designer, Brian Snapp, also offers the following services:

  • ANGEL Learning Management System (LMS) training and support
  • Assisting recipients of the Online Course Development Stipend
  • Demonstration to faculty and students of to prevent plagiarism
  • Experimentation/collaboration with new/innovative technologies
  • Demonstrations to students (of aforementioned) to assist their transition here at the university

CTLE Instructional Technologist/Technical Operations and Projects Manager, Aileen McHale, offers:

  • ANGEL Learning Management System (LMS) training and support
  • Assisting faculty with the development of faculty web pages
  • Experimentation/collaboration with new/innovative technologies
Last Modified: March 17, 2016