Macromedia Flash: Saving Your Flash Movie


Saving your movie as a .SWF (Shockwave File), Publish as a webpage, or Export to various movie files.

Generally, you will want to save your Flash animation as a .SWF. When you preview your animation in Flash Player by hitting CTRL+ENTER (or Control >Test Movie), Flash automatically creates a .SWF in the same folder as your Flash Document (.FLA).

To export your Flash animation in an HTML webpage, go to File>Publish Settings. Click the HTML tab, customize your settings and click Publish. Flash will save the .HTML file in the same folder as your Flash Document. In the Formats tab of Publish Settings (File>Publish Settings), you can also choose from .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .EXE, .HQX, and .MOV.

To export your Flash animation in another video format, go to File>Export>Export Movie. Change “Save as type” to your desired format. Flash will export to .SWF, .AVI, .MOV, and more. Depending on the video format, you may have to select video compression settings in a dialog box. Flash will save the exported video in the same folder as the Flash Document.

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