Nurse Anesthesia Post - Master Certificate

The Nurse Anesthesia program is also offered as a 48-credit post-master’s certificate for nurses already holding a nursing master’s degree in advanced practice. Transcripts of students with an entry level master’s in nursing degree will be evaluated on an individual basis for transfer credit.

In addition to course work, each student is required to complete a clinical practicum. The practicum (NURS 546 , NURS 556 , NURS 558 , NURS 566 , NURS 576 , NURS 578 ) is taken over two years (25 months) of full-time study.

OPEID: 003384

CIP: 51.1604

CIP Program Name: Nurse Anesthetist

Our Program Name: Nurse Anesthesia Certificate

Level: Graduate Certificate

Program Length: 48 Credits - 25 months

Normal Time to Complete: 108 weeks

Number Completed in Year 2012 -2013: 5

Tuition and Fees: $ 48,924

Books and Supplies: $2,000

Gainful Employment Information


For more information, see the program description for the Nurse Anesthesia program.