Arabic Resources

Language Learning Center Resources

The Language Learning Center in O'Hara 308 has a variety of resources in Arabic available for use in the LLC. Browse the list of resources below!

If you have questions about the resources available at the Language Learning Center, contact Hannah Jackson at or 570-941-4711.

Title Location
Arab Americans 6.A-R
Arabs, Muslims and Islam 6.A-R
Introduction to the Arab World 6.A-R
Islam and Democracy: Women in Islam 6.A-R
Ramadan and Fasting in Islam: A Universal Act of Worship 6.A-R
Title Location Type of Book
Arabic-English Dictionary Bookshelf 1.1 Dictionary
The Oxford Picture Dictionary English/Arabic Bookshelf 1.1 Dictionary
201 Arabic Verbs fully conjugated in all the forms Bookshelf 1.1 Grammar
Arabic Language Handbook Bookshelf 1.1 Grammar
Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar Bookshelf 1.1 Grammar
Colloquial Arabic of the Gulf and Saudi Arabia Bookshelf 1.1 Grammar
Handbook for Arabic Language Teaching Professionals in the 21st Century Bookshelf 1.1 Grammar
Intro. to the Arab World Bookshelf 1.1 Along with DVD
The Oases - Tunisia Bookshelf 1.1 Cultural Book
Tunis and its Medina - Tunisia Bookshelf 1.1 Cultural Book
Title Location
The Essential Guide to Arabia Bookshelf 1.1
Talk Now: Arabic 8.CL
World Talk: Learn Arabic 7.CL