Brigid Curtin Frein, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theology/Religious Studies

Brigid Curtin Frein, Associate Professor, received her Ph.D. in Biblical Languages and Literature from Saint Louis University and her B.A in Religious Studies from Gonzaga University. She specializes in New Testament and has published numerous articles on the Gospels. She is an active member of the Catholic Biblical Association. She enjoys gardening, skiing, hiking and traveling.

Course Taught

  • TRS 121 Introduction to the Bible
  • TRS 242 Women in the Bible
  • TRS 314 Jesus in the Four Gospels


Select Publications:

  • “Genre and Point of View in the Gospel of Luke,” Biblical Theology Bulletin 37 (2008) 1-10.
  • "Old Testament Prophecies, Narrative Predictions, and Luke's Sense of Fulfillment," New Testament Studies 40 (1994) 22-37.
  • "The Literary and Theological Significance of Misunderstand¬ing in the Gospel of Luke," Biblica 74 (1993) 328-348.
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