How is Scranton Psychology Distinctive?

We stand out from the crowd in at least 5 ways:

  1. Tailored Outcomes  
    Pursue your own career interests; obtain state-of-the-art training in the foundations of psychology while tailoring electives to your career goals; our graduates’ knowledge of psychology is at the 75th percentile nationally.  
  2. Personal Development
    Individual advising by faculty; a career development seminar in psychology; 3 psychology student organizations; be a teaching assistant (more than a third of psychology majors do).
  3. Hands-On Education
    Small classes and labs; for-credit internships in either clinical (e.g., hospitals, addiction facilities, schools) or non-clinical settings (speech pathology, personnel offices, research centers).
  4. Research Opportunities 
    Conduct and present research with psychology faculty at a rate far exceeding national norms; work with nationally recognized scholars.
  5. Jesuit Mission
    Experience care for the entire person (cura personalis) and the relentless pursuit of excellence (the magis); learn in an inclusive community characteristic of the Jesuits.