Emma M. Long


Class of 2020

What research are you doing at Scranton?

I am collaborating with Dr. Bryan Burnham on research about the accuracy of identifying and rating emotional reactions to musical scales and tones. I am also collaborating on research with Dr. Christie Karpiak, investigating the effects of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy on low socioeconomic status and underserved youth of Scranton.

Why did you choose Scranton? 

I chose Scranton because when I came to visit, it felt like I was coming home. The medium-sized community provides a wonderful environment to make friends and meet peers in your major. It also makes it easy to collaborate and develop relationships with professors that you may not receive at a larger university.

What do you like about the psychology major? 

The Psychology Department is especially proactive in preparing students for “life after Scranton,” whichever path that may be. The professors are excited to help their students in any way they can. Psychology is a closely-knit department, encouraging students to join clubs and develop relationships that other majors may not.

What are your extracurricular activities?

I am an officer for all of the three psychology organizations offered on campus. I am the president of Psi Chi Honor Society, vice-president of Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus, and secretary of the Psychology Club.

How has the psychology program prepared you for the real world?

The program has taught me to see the wide array of opportunities that psychology offers, while at the same time, developing my specific interests. As a freshman, I had a lot of interest in certain areas of psychology and now as a senior, I have discovered even more areas of research and practice that I would love to pursue.