Political Science

Welcome to the Political Science Department!

Do you notice that you never stop talking about politics? Do you love to debate with your family and friends? Do you stay up to watch election returns? If so, you may belong in the Political Science Department, where we love to talk about politics and policy, deliberate the proper role for government, and prepare students to be discerning, responsible, and effective members of their local, national, and global communities.

Politics matters to every person in every community. The decisions made by government officials affect all of us on a daily basis—from the amount of money we pay in taxes to the quality of education we receive to the safety of the food we eat and the water we drink. Political science explores how governments are structured and how they resolve social conflicts and provide for the public good. Political science also explores the roles that people can play in their governments and the actions people take to influence public policy to serve them and their communities.

Women and men concerned about the quality of their lives, as well as the quality of life in their communities and the world, need to understand how governments function and how to engage effectively in politics. Political science provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to ensure that government is by and for the people. With its mix of theoretical and empirical approaches to studying politics, political science prepares women and men for fulfilling careers, life-long learning, and active and effective citizenship.

The Political Science Department offers students the opportunity to major or minor in Political Science. The Department also offers a Public Administration and Affairs track within the Political Science major. In addition, Political Science Department courses are integral to the University’s International Studies major and minor. Moreover, the Political Science faculty members encourage all students, no matter their major, to enroll in a political science course or two so that they will gain the knowledge and skills to influence their governments.

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