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Dr. Varonides

Dr Varonides is a member of the Physics and Engineering department and teaches physics and engineering courses at all levels.

His favorite courses are engineering mathematics, condensed matter physics, solid state and photonic devices, tunnel junctions and photovoltaics, superconducting devices, thermodynamics of small systems and electromagnetic theory. For senior level students, he teaches advanced courses through special topics and seminars on superconductors, high efficiency solar cells, laser and light emitting diodes, and antenna theory. Recently he has been working on developing new material on nanotechnology (physics of small systems), spintronics and advanced electromagnetic theory with applications on antennas and polarization.

Dr Varonides’ current research focuses on quantum-photovoltaics, high efficiency solar cells, polymer solar cells, Josephson Tunneling in Hybrid Nano-SIN Diodes, tunneling microscopy (experiment and theory), and Schottky contacts.

In his spare time Dr Varonides enjoys beating his iPod in chess and checkers.

Professional memberships: IEEE

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