Physics and Engineering Department


Dr. Robert A. Spalletta

Dr. Robert Spalletta is involved in both the Physics and Engineering programs.   He offers the capstone Robotics sequence for Computer and Electrical Engineering as well as the the capstone Undergraduate Research Course for Physics majors.

He also offers many Natural Science General Education Courses, ranging from Science in the Cinema to Cosmology, and courses that deal with science advocacy and public policy such as Science of the Day.

He is also active in the Honors Program, offering both courses and mentoring a wide range of Honors tutorials including Cosmology and Creation Myths and The Science of Illusions.

Dr. Spalletta is involved in several student and community groups revolving around his interests in
environmentally sound energy utilization, and theater and writing groups.

Department of Physics and Engineering
University of Scranton, Scranton, PA   18510-4642
Phone: +1 (570) 941-6210
Fax:       +1 (570) 941-4085


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Unified Science Center

Unified Science Center

In the Fall Semester of 2011 the University of Scranton will complete work on the Unified Science Center, located around what is currently St. Thomas Hall.

You can follow a live video feed of the construction here.

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