Physics and Engineering Department


Dr. Declan Mulhall

Dr. Declan Mulhall  teaches Quantum Mechanics, Statistical and Thermal physics, Intro to Nuclear and Particle Physics, Modern Physics and its lab, E&M lab, and General Physics courses. His research interests include theoretical nuclear physics, and quantum chaos in the nucleus. Recently he has been focussing on advanced labs, and is a member of the Advanced Laboratory Physics Association (ALPhA)

He has attended  ALPhA seminars on modern interferometery and nuclear magnetic resonance, and incorporates them in his modern physics labs. Dr. Mulhall is a member of the Americal Physics Society, and the Americal Association of Physics Teachers.

Dr. Mulhall has returned from a sabbatical in Temple University and is now the organizer for the Kane Competition, and moderator for the Physics Club. He is an organizer, with the office of research services, of the research seminar series, a forum where university faculty can learn more about each others research.

In his spare time, he grows oriental lilies, argues about philosophy, and worries about physics.

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