Physics and Engineering Department


Dr. Paul Fahey

Dr. Fahey teaches both the algebra-based and the calculus-base elementary physics sequence.  For non-science majors he has taught Seeing the Light.  This course discusses light phenomena and how the visual system processes the information encoded on light.  For advanced students, he teaches the junior/senior level Applied and Engineering Mathematics, Non-linear Oscillators and Chaos and Acoustics.  He has also taught several upper level courses depending upon departmental needs.

Dr. Fahey’s main research interest is Biophysics of Hearing.  In recent years his work has been on the mostly theoretical foundations of cochlear (inner ear) mechanics.  In particular, he and colleagues are trying to understand the physics underneath the nonlinear signals that ear itself emits.  His other recent interest is in the physics of glasses.  This work is done in partnership with Schott Glass Technologies and their on-going development of high quality optical and lasing glasses.  Other University of Scranton faculty also collaborate on this work.

During his academic career Dr. Fahey has been Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for ten years and has been Chair of the Department of Physics/Electrical Engineering for seven years.

In his spare time during the summer he cuts grass and trims hedges, in the winter he shovels snow.  Year ‘round he battles the Second Law of Thermodynamics at home and at work.

 Professional Memberships: Acoustical Society of AmericaAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science, Association for Research in OtolaryngologySigma XiSigma Pi Sigma.

Unified Science Center

In the Fall Semester of 2011 the University of Scranton completed work on the Unified Science Center, located around what is currently St. Thomas Hall.


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