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Dr. Andrew Berger

Dr. Andrew Berger teaches Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Digital Circuits Design, Computer Engineering and General Physics courses. His research interests include the areas of signal processing, ultrasound imaging, sensors, solid states technologies and aspects of project management in engineering education and research. He has also served as a research paper reviewer in biomedical engineering areas. Dr. Berger is Senior Member of IEEE with membership in Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Imaging, Communication, and Ultrasonics Societies.

Dr. Berger serves as a Faculty Moderator for the IEEE Club, and served for 12 years as a moderator of University of Scranton Equestrian Club. The IEEE Club, a student branch of IEEE at University of Scranton, has long traditions, and has been active in the current format since 1990. Its focus is on providing students with the opportunity not only to participate in a campus wide event in the form of an IEEE seminar series (presentations by distinguished scientists, community business leaders, as well as our alumni and various employers/prospective job companies), but also as a time and place to pursue the club agenda, professional development and networking.

For the last 5 years Dr. Berger has been leading the ABET Assessment and Evaluation effort for our Electrical and Computer Engineering programs accreditation. Both, Electrical and Computer Engineering programs are accredited.

In his spare time, he volunteers with Montage Mountain Ski Patrol and races his Catalina in Paupack Sailing Club.

Dept. of Physics & Electrical Engineering
    University of Scranton
    SCRANTON, PA 18510-4642

  +1 (570) 941-4056
        fax  +1 (570) 941-4085


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Unified Science Center

In the Fall Semester of 2011 the University of Scranton has completed work on the Unified Science Center, located around what is currently St. Thomas Hall.

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