Neuroscience Major and SJLA

As an SJLA student, here is how your CAPP report will differ:

1. You will have a section called "SJLA HUM" instead of the standard Humanities section. This section (12 credits) will be comprised of:

  • HUM 311J and HUM 312J (Masterworks I and II, required SJLA courses)
  • Two additional Humanities courses (6 credits)

2. You will have a section dedicated to all the required SJLA courses. These will include two language courses (which can also be applied towards your free GE electives)

3. in the Social/Behavioral science section, one of your electives will be INTD 110J (the Jesuit Magis). The other one can be any S/BH course.

4. your Skills requirements will also be slightly different. Since PHIL 217J (Trivium) substitutes for both COMM 100 and WRTG 107, you do not need to take these courses. There is a space for a free elective, but that can be waived if your total number of credits is met without taking that free elective. However, be mindful of the fact that until you take the Trivium, you will not be able to register for other Writing Intensive courses without previous approval/waiver/

5. Your Theology/Philosophy requirements will be taken up by your SJLA courses

NOTE: some allopathic and osteopathic medical schools require that you have at least one year of English literature courses prior to enrolling in medical school. As an SJLA student, because your curriculum is loaded with required SJLA courses, you will NOT have "ENLT" courses appear in your transcript (they will appear as "PHIL" courses).
Make sure that you either
1. check with the medical school to see if you can waive this requirement (considering how much you have to read for SJLA, this shouldn't be a problem)
2. take additional ENLT courses as a free electives (never hurts to learn more, right?)
3. speak with Dr. Engel to see if she can help you resolve this matter with the medical school

Double major in Philosophy:

As an SJLA student, you fulfill the requirements for the major by taking two additional Philosophy elective courses. You must declare a Philosophy major, and your CAPP sheet will be adjusted accordingly.