Neuroscience Outreach

As students in a Jesuit institution of higher learning, we strongly believe that students should develop into good individuals and good citizens.  Part and parcel of this is establishing and fostering relationships with members of the community, both within the school and in our local community.  Students are encouraged to share their expertise in and excitement for neuroscience and research to foster these community relationships.

Our current efforts center on educational programs tailored to local students.  In our "Kids Judge Neuroscience" coordinated by Dr. Timothy Cannon, elementary school children are invited to help judge college student projects.  The Neuroscience program sponsors a regional “Brain Bee” contest. These efforts help get young students interested in neuroscience at an early age. Read more here.
University of Scranton students go to schools and libraries to speak about the study of the brain as well. In addition to the knowledge they are sharing, the process a student goes through to teach a session enables them to learn at a deeper level.   See an example of an activity here.  And neuroscience majors know that they are going to make an impact with their work in advancing the understanding of the nervous system and the brain.