Neuroscience Facilities

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The Neuroscience Program and its majors are housed at the Loyola Science Center.


Research Labs

Since Fall 2012, we have been occupying the Loyola Science Center, a 150,000 sq. ft. facility that integrates all the science and mathematics disciplines on campus.  Students and faculty are given access via controlled/programmable swipe cards to any space that they need.  Equipment is typically shared among faculty and students.
In our science center, each investigator has laboratory space that is shared with other faculty. The standard allotment was five faculty members and their students sharing a 3000 sq. ft. lab suite. Each lab suite was configured to have all the necessary amenities for each occupant, while being flexible enough to accommodate new faculty, or new occupants based on novel collaborations.


Student Spaces

Student spaces immediately adjacent to the research laboratories.  Much of science does not always occur on the lab bench - it occurs while students collaborate, interact, and read scientific literature.  Student spaces are designed to promote effective intellectual collisions with collagues and faculty, as well as serve as inviting spaces for others to engage in the scientific process.

Imaging Suite

The Imaging Suite is home to some of our most advanced instrumentation.  It is a 1140 sq. ft. suite that has individual light-controlled rooms for the confocal microscope, our fluorescence microscopes and calcium imaging system, and our microCT scanner.  The suite has its own common preparation spaces, refrigerators, freezer, incubator, lab benchtops, and other amenities.  Students are given access to this facility and access is controlled by card.

Animal Rearing Facilities

The Loyola Science Center has a fully-functional animal facility, including the aquatics suite that houses fresh- and saltwater aquaria.